We offer independent advisory on mergers & acquisitions

Momentum Partners P/S

We offer independent financial advice for small and medium-sized companies. We primarily advise on acquisitions and sales of companies, generational succession, capital increases and valuations.

Our Services

independent advisory

MOMENTUM provides independent advisory on mergers & acquisitions as well as related services such as valuations, generational succession, and capital increase. Working exclusively with small and midsized companies, we have several years of experience with this type of business and finding ideal solutions for each individual client.

Our advisory is based on deep involvement by experienced employees, all of which are partners in MOMENTUM. Hence, as a client you can be sure that the people meet early in the process will also be the ones completing your M&A transaction.

Møde omkring salg af virksomhed i Aalborg hos MOMENTUM P/S


Selling a company

Selling a company is a “once in a lifetime” event for many company owners.


Acquiring a company

Acquiring the right company at the right price requires experience and resources.


Valuation of company

An external valuation is a highly useful – or even necessary – tool in many situations.


Value optimisation of a company

We see many companies that do not utilize the full potential of its products, employees or market position.

Collaborate with MOMENTUM

experienced employees

„MOMENTUM is a partner owned M&A boutique, providing independent advisory to small and midsized companies“

When you work with us, we do our utmost to ensure that you spend as few resources as possible on the process. This allows you to keep your focus on running your existing business while we negotiate the best possible price and terms for your M&A transaction.